Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wednesday's Workout

More testing in the weight room

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

First Official Practices at St. Thomas

We really don't have enough kids yet for spring practice. We did testing yesterday and today, below are some pictures.

Monday, January 28, 2019

My Dorm Room

So I am living in a dorm for the first time since I was 19. It has only been a few days but so far, so good. The building is actually an old Holiday Inn, built for the Miami Dolphins back in the 60s when they did summer practice on St. Thomas's campus. It definitely has the 60's field to it, with two stories of rooms that all open out on to concrete balconies. Lots of cinder blocks and lack of color.
My only concern is that my room looks so barren. It has the usual dorm room furniture, a bed a desk, and a closet. I do have my own bathroom and shower, thank God the 60 year old man said to himself.
There is so much bare wall space. What was on my dorm room walls 41 years ago? A farrah Fawcett poster? A picture of Brian Sipe?

I sent the following email out to some friends...

For those of you who don't know it, I have taken another position. I'm not calling it a job because I am retired, I'm only do things that are fun, new, and/or a bit challenging. I am now the Academic Advisor for Football, an English Professor, and an Assistant Coach at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens, Florida. It's close to what I was doing at Thomas More University, but offers me more teaching opportunities (two full time English professors just retired, and one of the two that are left is 77); and this fall will be the first time the school fields a football team. To be on the ground floor of a college football team is a great opportunity that most coaches don't get to experience. 
So far everything is going well except I have a situation I need help...One of the enticements to come down here was that the school would put me up for the first semester. So, for the first time in 41 years I am living in a college dorm. Its a converted 1960s era Holiday Inn, and I have a large room with my own bathroom and with lots of space. Thats were I need help. Except for my bed, dresser, and desk there is nothing else in the room. It looks so vacant and bare. What does a 60 year old man need to decorate his dorm room? Do I need to go find a Farah Fawcett poster? A bean bag chair? Please send me any and all suggestions.
What the heck did we have in our room in Styvesant Hall, I ask you Jeff Tumarken. Did we have anything on the walls? I remember Wenz and Mack kept a pair of binoculars in my room in case anyone was sunbathing on the roof of Hayes Hall next door. Can I get busted at St. Thomas for having Little Kings in my fridge? Does Dominos still deliver and give you free sodas? 
Many of you had children who went off to college. What are the current trendy necessities for dorm living? Do I need my own cup pacino machine?
Do I need to find copies of Frampton Comes Alive and the first Boston album and play them to death like everyone did on my floor freshmen year?
Do you see how this is causing a life conflict? 
Florida is a hotbed for college athletes, and there are very few small colleges throughout the state. We should do great in the recruiting department. We are better coaches when we have better payers, isn't that funny how that happens. We already have 31 players who transferred in at the semester.
Hope all else is well. I've been posted things on my blog about last football season at Thomas More and this off season at St. Thomas. I hope to one day write my coaching memoirs. What I've posted is rather rough and incomplete, but you can check it out at and click on Blogger. I have notebooks full of notes and stories and hope to start writing more prose this winter and into next summer.
And, as far as football goes, I will not be watching the Super Bowl this year. Both the Saints and Chiefs got screwed on some really bad calls late in the games last weekend, and the right teams are not playing in the Big Game this year. I'll probably be catching some rays and working on my tan instead of watching the game (is that a great visual or what?)...


Monday, January 14, 2019

Last and First Games...

If you look over the posts from the last six months they all center around the 2018 football season at Thomas More University. It was a unique season for several reasons, especially because I was pretty sure it was going to be my last one. Besides the blog posts I have several hundred pages of notes from the last four seasons about coaching, not just at Thomas More and not just football. I've had this idea for awhile to write a book about coaching, using a diary like structure of a season as the frame story that would allow me to insert smaller stories. I figured I'd spend this winter and next summer working on it, and hopefully have something done by next fall. That's what I had planned...

I did know that this year was going to be my last at Thomas More. I really enjoyed my time there, but I had one of those birthdays that ends with a '0' and I had a few other adventures I wanted to pursue.

My coaching book was not going to be about all the names you read in the paper and see on TV. It isn't going to be about those coaches and their million dollar salaries. I want it to be about all the coaches I have worked with all these years, high school and small college coaches and the real world we have lived in.

O.K., that was my intention for the 2018/19 football and school year. I was going to stay at TMU until the spring semester ended, working on the book when I had time away from tutoring and teaching English, then work on it almost full-time through the summer and into the fall.

Then I got another call from Dave Armstrong. He was the old friend who got me to come to Thomas More in the first place, and now was president at St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens, Florida. Would I be interested in coming and help starting a football program from scratch? Be an assistant coach and the academic advisor? Would I be interested in being on the faculty pay scale and possibly teaching a creative writing class? Would I be interested in ending my teaching and coaching career in South Florida, on a beautiful campus eight miles from the beaches of my youth?

And so that is how I have ended up living in a dorm for the first time since I was 19 years old (living free on campus for a semester was another perk to get me down here). It's actually a building that once was a Holiday Inn, built to house the Miami Dolphins when they trained on St. Thomas's campus back in the 60's.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Football 2018: Week 11 at St. John's

The Thomas More University football team fell, 63-23, to fourth-ranked St. John's University today (Saturday, November 10, 2018) in the regular season finale at Clemens Stadium in Collegeville, Minnesota.
First quarter
  • St. John's took a 7-0 lead with 13:44 to play in the quarter when Jackson Erdmann connected on a 61-yard touchdown pass to Will Gillach and Zack Barwick added the point after attempt.
  • The Johnnies extended the lead to 14-0 when Erdmann and Gillach connected on a three-yard touchdown pass and Barwick add the PAT with 3:42 to play in the opening quarter.
  • Adam Essler scored on a 14-yard touchdown pass from Erdmann and Barwick added the PAT to increase St. John's lead to 21-0 with 2:38 to play in the quarter.
Second Quarter
  • Thomas More made the score 21-3 with 14:12 to play in the quarter when junior kicker Cole Mathias (Reynoldsburg, Ohio/Reynoldsburg) made a 30-yard field goal.
  • Kenneth Udoibok scored on a two-yard touchdown run and Barwick added the PAT to give the Johnnies a 28-3 lead with 11:51 to play in the second quarter.
  • St. John's extended the lead to 35-3 with 9:31 to play in the quarter when Erdmann connected on a 35-yard touchdown pass to Andrew VanErp and Barwick added the PAT.
  • Thomas More cut the lead to 35-10 when senior running back Luke Zajac (Edgewood, Ky./Dixie Heights) scored on a five-yard touchdown run and Mathias made the PAT with 6:34 to play in the quarter.
  • St. John's made the score 42-10 when Jared Streit scored on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Erdmann and Barwick added the PAT with 1:41 to play in the first half.
  • The Johnnies extended the lead to 49-10 at halftime when Erdmann and Gillach connected on a 23-yard touchdown pass and Barwick added the PAT with 1:01 to play in the second quarter.
Third Quarter
  • St. John's increased the lead to 56-10 when Erdmann and Gillach connected on a 23-yard touchdown pass and Barwick added the PAT with 14:44 to play in the quarter.
  • Thomas More made the score 56-17 with 9:05 to play in the third quarter when junior quarterback Justin Post (Macedonia, Ohio/Nordonia) connected with junior wide receiver Da'marco Canty (Bogart, Ga./North Oconee) on an eight-year touchdown pass and junior kicker Alex Barnhart (Westerville, Ohio/Westerville Central) made the PAT.
Fourth Quarter
  • The Johnnies extended the lead to 63-17 when Udoibok scored on a one-yard run and Barwick added the PAT with 8:05 to play in the game.
  • The Saints answered with 3:19 to play in the game when Post connected on a 13-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Will Thompson (Franklin, Tenn./Father Ryan)and Barnhart's PAT failed for the final score of 63-23.
  • The Saints finish the regular season 7-3.
  • St. John's improve to 10-0.
  • Thomas More had 317 yards of total offense (139 rushing/178 passing), while St. John's had 454 yards (163 rushing/291 passing).
  • Post was 14-of-30 passing for 178 yard and two touchdowns.
  • Zajac led the rushing attack with 16 carries for 82 yard and a touchdown.
  • Senior running back Hjavier Pitts (Cincinnati, Ohio/Mt. Healthy) had 16 carries for 68 yards and pulled in five catches for 56 yards.
  • Canty led the receiving corps with four catches for 75 yard and a touchdown.
  • First-year linebacker Peyton Van Horn (Hebron, Ky./Conner) led defense with nine tackles (six solo/three assisted) and forced a fumble.
  • Senior linebacker Adam Guard (Lawrenceburg, Ind./Pinecrest Academy (Ga.)) had eight tackles (three solo/five assisted).

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Football 2018: Great Article from is the bible for small college football, covering over 250 teams each week. They do a great job. This is an article they did about us this week in front of our big game against St. John's. Thanks for the pub!

Thomas More road show coming to a close

Thomas More playing at North Carolina Wesleyan in September. (Photo for N.C. Wesleyan athletics by Carl Lewis)
Thomas More's season started with a long trip, and a loss, but the Saints have managed to win enough games since to stay in contention for a playoff bid, which could extend the program's last season as a Division III member.
Photo for N.C. Wesleyan athletics by Carl Lewis
By Joe Sager
Thomas More’s road back to the NAIA has proven to be a long one.
The Saints, who joined the Presidents’ Athletic Conference in 2005, left the conference last spring. They will return to the NAIA next fall for the first time since 1990. The shuffling left the team with the unenviable task of cobbling together an independent football schedule this fall.
As a result, Thomas More has had to hit the road. And, hit the road again. And, hit the road some more.
“Anytime you look down the barrel and have seven road games staring at you, that’s a task in itself, let alone seven games traveling more than 7,000 miles,” Thomas More coach Trevor Stellman said. “When you have 18 to 22-year-old young men, each one of them handles the situation a little differently. It was a struggle early on for us to find the best way to keep our kids busy, yet clear-minded enough to be able to play and play the best we could. As the season progressed, we’ve gotten better at it. Guys have taken to what we do on the road to make it a lot more enjoyable for them.”
Thomas More is no stranger to long travel. Located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, just outside of Cincinnati, the Saints regularly trekked more than 300 miles across Ohio to play PAC foes, who are based around the Pittsburgh area.
This year, though, the voyages are more extensive. The team had two visits to Minnesota on the slate, along with stops in North Carolina, Indiana, Alabama, Virginia and upstate New York, not far from the Canadian border. The trips got longer as the season went on, too. The shortest was a 146-mile round trip to Hanover, Ind., and the two longest (nearly 1,600 roundtrip) came at the end – jaunts to St. Scholastica and St. John’s in Minnesota. For those really long trips, the team breaks it up over two days.
“Being in the PAC, every road game we had in the conference was an overnight trip. That was nothing new. The new aspect came with the trips to upstate New York and Minnesota, where we had to leave on a Thursday afternoon. So, being away from own beds for two days is probably the biggest change,” Stellman said. “You worry about how much school they are missing, too. It makes my job a little more stressful ensuring that we take care of everything we need to, not just on the field.”
Thomas More at Huntingdon.
Thomas More took an 1,100-mile round trip to Alabama at the end of September and came away with a win against Huntingdon.
Huntingdon athletics photo
Thomas More’s players have tried to make the most of their time.
“We were used to the long drives, but we weren’t used to the 12-hour-plus drives. I wouldn’t say we were stressed, but it could be a little difficult being on the bus that long and then getting off and trying to prepare for the team,” Thomas More senior running back Hjavier Pitts said. “Each road trip has been like a little vacation for us. We continued to bond throughout the season and come together as a team.”
“For the longer bus rides, we can split it up in two days so it doesn’t take as much of a toll on your body. You’d like to have more home games, but I don’t think travel has been that tough on us,” Thomas More junior quarterback Justin Post said. “On trips, we’re always having Madden (video game) tournaments or goofing around in the same hotel room. Really, we’re just coming together as teammates, more than anything.
“As a team we’ve just tried to focus on each week. We didn’t really look ahead. We wanted to focus on that week’s game and having a good bus ride back home rather than a long bus ride afterward.”
Fortunately for the Saints, they’ve avoided any major travel issues – except for the first week’s ride home from a 35-28 loss at N.C. Wesleyan.
“We take two buses and, on the way home, the air conditioning went out on the bus I was on. We were in North Carolina and is really humid. Everyone had shirts off. It was pretty miserable,” Post said. “After a while, a couple guys got to go on the other bus and be in the cool air. I was one of those guys, fortunately.”
Saints vs. Saints at St. Scholastica.
The Thomas More Saints shut down the St. Scholastica Saints in an October matchup which was more than 1,500 miles in the making.
St. Scholastica athletics photo
A stop at St. Lawrence University resulted in a little snowball fight in September.
“We were walking back to the bus after our walkthrough and there was a pile of snow (from an ice rink resurfacing machine) off to one side. We started having a little snowball fight,” Pitts said. “One of the players picked up a snowball and hit one of our coaches with it accidentally. He wasn’t too happy.”
Despite all the miles, Thomas More (7-2) is challenging for an at-large playoff berth after years of contending for – and winning – PAC championships. The Saints could strengthen their postseason case with a triumph Saturday at No. 4 St. John’s.
“We like to think of every game as a playoff game for us. Being an independent, we didn’t have a conference goal. Our goal was to get to the playoffs and win a national championship,” Post said. “In order to do that, we knew we’d have to win a lot of games on the road. I think this game will be a real test for us to see what we can do the rest of the season.”
Thomas More’s two losses came by a touchdown, 35-28, at N.C. Wesleyan in the opener and by three, 34-31 at home against Muhlenberg
“When I sat down last year and started trying to find games, more or less, I knew our schedule would have us in the mix of things if we took care of what we needed to,” Stellman said. “That’s been our goal. We’ve treated each game like a playoff game. When you lose one right off the bat, it kind of makes you pin your ears back and start working even harder. Our guys have done that. Muhlenberg made a couple more plays and got the better of us. We just have to take care of business and make sure we’re still in the conversation Saturday night.”
Added Pitts, “I am pretty happy where we are as a team. We could be undefeated. We’ve learned from the mistakes we made and we’re continuing to grow. I don’t think we’ve played our best game yet. Our goal is to win out and finish this week strong and, hopefully, get in the playoffs.”

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Football 2018: Week #10 vs. Lake Erie College

Courtesy of
 The Thomas More University football team rolled up 480 yards of offense today (Saturday, November 3, 2018) as it defeated NCAA Division II member Lake Erie College, 44-0, on Senior Day at BB&T Field in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.
First Quarter
  • Thomas More took a 6-0 lead with 10:42 to play in the quarter when junior quarterback Justin Post (Macedonia, Ohio/Nordonia) connected on a seven-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Logan Winkler (Independence, Ky./Simon Kenton) and junior kicker Cole Mathias's (Reynoldsburg, Ohio/Reynoldsburg)point after attempt failed.
Second Quarter

  • The Saints increased the lead to 13-0 when senior running back Hjavier Pitts (Cincinnati, Ohio/Mt. Healthy) scored on a seven-yard run and Mathias added the PAT with 12:39 to play in the half.
  • Senior running back Luke Zajac (Edgewood, Ky./Dixie Heights) scored on a seven-yard touchdown run and Mathias added the PAT to give Thomas More a 20-0 lead with 8:31 to play in the quarter.
  • Thomas More made the score 27-0 at half time when Post connected on a nine-yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Darrell Crenshaw (Dayton, Ohio/Trotwood-Madison) and Mathias' PAT was good with 1:06 to play in the quarter.
Third Quarter
  • The Saints extended the lead to 34-0 with 9:07 to play in the quarter when Pitts scored on an eight-yard run and Mathias added the PAT.
  • Post connected on a 21-yard touchdown pass to junior wide receiver Da'marco Canty (Bogart, Ga./North Oconee) and Mathias added the PAT to make the score 41-0 with 5:05 to play in the quarter.
Fourth Quarter
  • Thomas More closed the scoring with 12:21 to play in the game when junior kicker Alex Barnhart (Westerville, Ohio/Westerville Central) made a 28-yard field goal for the final score of 44-0.
  • The Saints improve to 7-2, while the Storm fall to 0-10.
  • Thomas More out-gained Lake Erie 480 yards (272 rushing/208 passing) to 143 yards (65 rushing/78 passing.
  • The Saints had four penalties for 33 yards, while the Storm had 14 penalties for 131 yards.
  • Post was named the Jimmy John's Player of the Game as he was 18-of-26 passing for 203 yards and three touchdowns and had seven rushes for 80 yards.
  • Pitts finished with 20 carries for 93 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Zajac had 14 carries for 83 yard and one touchdown, while also pulling in one catch for six yards.
  • Crenshaw finished the game with four catches for 45 yard and one touchdown.
  • Canty had four catches for 40 yards and a touchdown.
  • First-year wide receiver Nick Hall (Cincinnati, Ohio/Elder) had two catches for 52 yards.
  • Junior linebacker Cody Coffey (Anderson, Ohio/Anderson) had eight tackles (all solo), including one tackle for a loss and had one forced fumble.
  • Junior defensive back Thomas Williams (Oregonia, Ohio/Clinton-Massie) had eight tackles (five solo/three assisted).
  • First-year linebacker Peyton Van Horn (Hebron, Ky./Conner) had eight tackles (five solo/three assisted), including one tackle for a loss.