Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday in Ireland, Game Day

Offensive bus on the way to the game.

Father Meouf, President of JCU, addresses the team.

USA Ambassador to Ireland Mr. Dan Rooney

Both teams line up for American and Irish National Anthems

JCU tem celebrates the win with fans in the stands by singing the fight song.

Irish fans celebrate with JCU players.

Coach King and Cocoran

Father Bernie, team chaplain, celebrates the win

Tom and Jane

Coach Tom Arth, QB Mark Meyers, Coach Ron Dolciato
John Carroll 40, St. Norbert's 3

Thursday in Ireland

We left Cleveland on Tuesday afternoon, got into Dublin Wednesday morning, and had our team up for pretty much 24 hours in a row. Wednesday's practice was spotty at best. But after everyone got settled in our hotel and got a good night's sleep, Thursday was quite a day. We practiced and then had lunch at the University of Dublin, followed by an afternoon of tourism. We visited the Donniebrook, the stadium we will play in Friday night. It is the home of Dublin's four time world championship rugby team, and it reaks of tradition. One of the best venues we have ever played in. Then we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral and park, and Trinity College. The day was capped off with a parade through downtown Dublin of all the American and Canadian high school and college teams participating in the football festival, finishing with a pep rally on the main plaza at Trinity College.
Some of the Coaches

Taken on the plaza at University of Dublin

Donniebrook Stadium

Running Backs and their coaches at Donniebrook Stadium
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Team Photo in St. Patrick's Park

On the steps of Trinity College

St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

Beginning of Football Parade in Downtown Dublin

Two of the high school teams are from Cananda

Dallas Jesuit High School Dance Team

JCU Blue Streaks in parade

JCU fans along parade sight

Football Rally in main plaza of Trinity College

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Days 1&2 JCU Football Trip to Ireland 2012

The first 24 hours was nothing but travel. We fell behind from the start when United Airlines computer system went down. This is us finally arriving in Shannon, Ireland Airport, about two hours from Dublin.
It's Wednesday night in Dublin and we have been up pretty much for over 24 hours. We had some flight troubles on the way over as United's computers on the East Coast all went down, causing most flights, including ours, to be delayed four hours. We arrived in Ireland finally around 9:00 A.M. local time, toured the Moher Cliffs, checked into our hotel, practiced at a local church's rugby field, and had a very good dinner afterward. We are all exhausted and have a big day tomorrow.

The Cliffs of Moher, on the west Ireland coast. Haughntingly beautiful, but wet and cold. If I come back I'd like to spend some time in this area. 

We are staying 20 minutes outside Dublin at the Citywest Hotel and Golf Club. Except for the internet going down occasionally, a great place. Would love to come back and play the golf course. We walk past the 18 hole to go to our meeting rooms, a par five with a lake in front of the green. I would go driver, four iron, and then nine iron on to the green for my birdie putt.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Cleveland Browns Season

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Rick Stone Nighttown 07.29.2012

            I’ve reviewed Rick Stone shows several times in the past and I always say the same thing, his roots are in that great window of time when rock and jazz collided, and, at least for awhile, coexisted. Progressive rock radio stations, and we had two damn good ones here in Cleveland, would play the latest from Led Zepplin and Bruce Springsteen, but also George Benson, Tom Scott, and Brian Auger.
            He reminds me so much of that time in music. He would have fit in good headlining at the old Smiling Dog Saloon or the Mistake just like he fits in very nicely at Nighttown. His show last Sunday featured songs from his last CD release Fractels as well as a few standards. His sound is that of 70’s jazz with a touch of rock, and a touch of both George Benson and Django thrown in for good luck. I really enjoyed his original compositions, as well as great versions of the Jerome Kern standard “When Smoke Gets in your Eyes” and the Tommy Dorsey signature song “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You.” Stone was accompanied by two talented Oberlin jazz students, Matt Adomeit on bass and Nate Friedman on drums.
            For more information on Rick Stone and his music visit For all the great things going on at Nighttown, from Sunday brunch to a bunch of great music, go to