Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 Traveling Circus Knuckleheads Football Road Trip

It Is Time To Get Back On The Bus...



December 18/19 in Cincinnati/Paul Brown Stadium


Cost is $265 per person if paid in full by September 9,

$285 after September 9

Includes all of the following:

Round Trip Motor Coach Transportation

Round Trip Road Pops

Saturday Lunch Stop

Lodging at the Embassy Suites on the River

(Within Walking Distance from the Stadium)

Happy Hour at the Hotel from 5:30-7:30 on Saturday

Awesome Breakfast Sunday Morning

A Quality Game Ticket (No Nose Bleeds)

Road Trip Give Away

Bus will leave on Saturday, December 18 from the Nice Place Café in Parma at 11:00 A.M., with a pick up in Wadsworth at 11:45 A.M., and a possible pick up in the Columbus area. We will return on Sunday evening immediately after the game.

Lodging is Four to a Suite

(for 2 to a room contact one of the Gregs)

Spots Are Limited and Will Be Reserved on a First Paid Basis

$125 Deposit Reserves Your Spot

For More Info Call Greg Cielec (216.496.8286) or

Greg Lindeman (330.697.1220)

Send Payment to: Greg Lindeman, 195 Bailey Court, Doylestown, Ohio 44230

Make Checks Out to Greg Lindeman


A note or two...We did the same trip in 2000, 2002, and 2005, and all three were outstanding. If you are thinking about seeing the Browns on the road this year, this is the trip to go on. Go with a group of people who have been running Browns road trips for over twenty-five years, including trips to Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.

After all of our trips we often hear from people who went on other cheaper bus trips, “We should have gone with you guys.” Why? For example, when we go to Cinci…

•We stay at an all suite hotel within walking distance of the Stadium, directly across the river. You won’t be stuck twenty miles out in the suburbs in some low budget hotel. And we stay in a suite hotel, were each room is actually two full size hotel rooms.

•Our price includes a lunch stop on the road; a free Happy Hour in our hotel from 5:30-7:30 Saturday night; a great breakfast Sunday morning; and, of course, unlimited bottled and canned beverages on the way down and the way back.

•No box lunches. No draft beer.

•One of the best things about our trip is Sunday morning. You wake up within walking distance of the stadium. You aren’t herded on a bus, hungover and tired, to drive another hour or two to the game. You can sleep until noon, grab breakfast, and still get to the game on time.

•Our tickets will be in the lower bowl of the stadium. You won’t be stuck up in the upper deck, which is where almost everyone else on other bus trips usually sits.

•We don’t fill the bus to capacity, cramming someone in every seat. We always leave at least a dozen or so empty seats on the bus so there is room to stretch out, socialize, and to have plenty of coolers stocked with cold ones. And if you want to crash on the way home, there will be more than enough room.

•You even get to take home a commemorative gift, instead of a headache and a backache from an uncomfortable ride home.

If you have any questions, call one of the two Gregs listed on the front of this flyer. A deposit of $125 reserves your spot for an outstanding time.

A note about the cost...

We don’t make any money on these trips. We are in it for the good time. Our costs have gone up excessively since our last trip, especially (because of gas) the cost of the bus. But please remember, our trip has a lot of extras planted in it, and a lot of luxury also. We don’t cut corners, and we promise you will get your money’s worth. If you are on good standing with us, $125 reserves your spot and your balance isn’t due until Dec. 1.

Call or email if you have any questions:

Greg Cielec:, 216.496.8286

Greg Linderman: , 330.697.1220