Thursday, January 21, 2016

Attention Fans of My Cleveland Story

I'm looking for some aspiring writers to do me a favor...
This fall we are going to release MY CLEVELAND STORY as a paperback for the first time. Consider it an almost 20th Anniversary Edition (not that far off, where did the time go?). We are looking for 15-20 readers to write essays about the book that will be included in this edition. Think of it as a chance to write a forward to a favorite book. There is no limit to size or length, although we might do some editing. You will be rewarded with five copies of the book, plus a cocktail or two from the author. The essays will be included in a special section. 
Watcha think? I already have one, Jim Wheeler wrote a great introduction to the digital version that came out several years ago. Now we just need 14 more!
The deadline for submissions is June 1. That will give my book designer Dave Hostetler time to put them all together and add them to the book.
We will have some sort of event in the late fall to celebrate the paperback release of MY CLEVELAND STORY. If your work is included in the book you will be expected to attend and sign copies! We had a great event last month to celebrate the release of A POEM ON A BAR ROOM WALL, and we expect to have an even better one for the paperback release of MCS.
If you have any questions email or call me at 216.496.8286.