Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday in Ireland

We left Cleveland on Tuesday afternoon, got into Dublin Wednesday morning, and had our team up for pretty much 24 hours in a row. Wednesday's practice was spotty at best. But after everyone got settled in our hotel and got a good night's sleep, Thursday was quite a day. We practiced and then had lunch at the University of Dublin, followed by an afternoon of tourism. We visited the Donniebrook, the stadium we will play in Friday night. It is the home of Dublin's four time world championship rugby team, and it reaks of tradition. One of the best venues we have ever played in. Then we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral and park, and Trinity College. The day was capped off with a parade through downtown Dublin of all the American and Canadian high school and college teams participating in the football festival, finishing with a pep rally on the main plaza at Trinity College.
Some of the Coaches

Taken on the plaza at University of Dublin

Donniebrook Stadium

Running Backs and their coaches at Donniebrook Stadium
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Team Photo in St. Patrick's Park

On the steps of Trinity College

St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

St. Patrick's

Beginning of Football Parade in Downtown Dublin

Two of the high school teams are from Cananda

Dallas Jesuit High School Dance Team

JCU Blue Streaks in parade

JCU fans along parade sight

Football Rally in main plaza of Trinity College

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