Monday, March 10, 2008

The Paul Thorn Band at the Beachland

Below is a review I wrote for about the Paul Thorn Band's show at the Beachland on March 1. What a night, Paul is a great singer and an even better songwriter. After years in the business a lot of good things are finally happening to him.
Upcoming Shows I would recommend:
The Legendary Brian Auger at Nighttown on March 26 and 27
Shelby Lynne at Beachland on March 30
Erin Bode at Nighttown on April 2

One thing was for sure after Saturday’s sold out Paul Thorn show in the tavern at the Beachland: it was the last time we will see him in a venue that small. The pro boxer turned blues singer from Mississippi, along with his very talented band, gave the sold out standing room only crowd a solid two hours of blues, rock, and story-telling, that will keep them coming back again and again.
Thorns music is a cross between the Allman Brothers and Jim Croce, with every song a story wrapped around great guitar playing. And boy can he write a song, with titles like “It Doesn’t Feel Like Saturday Night,” “I’m Going to Walk Without my Crutches Someday,” “Starvin' for your Kisses,” and “When the Long Road Ends.” His face still shows a scar or two from his boxing days, and his story telling monologues between songs feature a slow, deliberate southern drawl, and everything comes with an ironic mix of humor and hurt.
For a band that does not get its music played on Cleveland radio, and had only a handful of people at his last Cleveland show, the crowd was filled with many fans of Thorn’s music, and sang along on a couple of gems, including “Every so Often I have a Good Day” and “I’d Rather be the Hammer than the Nail.”
His band features lefty Billy Hinds on guitar, one of the best guitarists on the planet.
If you missed the show but want to check out more about Paul Thorn and his band and music go to, or watch him on the Conan O’Brien Show on March 19.
The Beachland is entering its ninth year with a lot of great concerts coming up in the tavern and in the ballroom, including shows from King Crimson’s Adrian Below, Utopia’s Kasim Sulton, and roots music singer songwriter Tom Russell. Visit for more information. I’m looking forward to the March 30 show with Shelby Lynne, who is touring in support of her recently released Dusty Springfield tribute album.

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