Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oliver Buck and the New Madrids "Prodigal Son"

Oliver Buck calls his second release Prodigal Son a road album, about the journey of moving back to Cleveland after fifteen years in other places, the last five in Kansas, trying to make a living playing music. And the thirteen songs on the album all stick to that theme, with titles like “Autumn in Kansas,” “Gina from Tulsa,” and “County Jail Blues.”

“Prodigal Son” is a great stuff. Buck writes wonderful songs and offers them up in a simple and straight ahead fashion with his honest voice backed by nothing more than guitar, bass, and drum. Recorded the old fashion way on analog tape with no computers or digital effects, it has the feel of a John Prine or Johnny Cash record.

There are more than a few standout cuts, including the title track, “Once Around the Sun,” Milwaukee,” and “The Troubadour Life.” Also included is a very respectable cover of Bill Monroe’s “Sitting on Top of the World.”

For a schedule of performances by Oliver Buck, both solo and with the New Madrids (bassist Adam Rich and drummer Ernie Richmann) visit I think this guy is really good, I hope things go well for him in his return to Northern Ohio.

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