Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"10" Tommy Wiggins Chilidog Records 2008

Tommy Wiggins is many things. He runs the Recording Arts & Technology Program at Tri-C Metro and hosts the award winning television show "Crooked River Groove," and in his spare time he makes his own music. He is a talented singer songwriter who just released his tenth effort appropriately titled "10" and it is very good. It is Wiggins' best record yet, filled with catchy original songs and featuring a line up of talented musicians.
Wiggins' music is rock and roll for adults, songs about long ago friends and events, dealing with the aging process, making sense of life’s mysterious. "Ten" features twelve tracks, all penned by Wiggins. “Sliver of Moon” is about a romantic night with a favorite woman. “Hang On” is trying to keep up as time goes by. ”Skyline Drive” and “Summer of ‘69” look back on childhood events both innocent and destructive. "Crooked River Groove," and "Bible's on the Table" are funky blues numbers.
"Ten" has more of a blues feel to it than his more recent works, with some fancy guitar work by Wiggins and Al Moss, keyboards by both Wiggins and Jackie Warren that could be mistaken for Gregg Allman, and a blues beat laid down by bassist Derek Poindexter and drummer Jon Niefeld. Guests also include local reggae statesman Carlos Jones on percussion.
Tommy Wiggins and various friends occasionally play about town, and if you got a chance check them out do so, as well as checking out this album. You won’t be disappointed. For more information on Tommy Wiggins and his music and various projects go to www.tommywiggins.com.

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