Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wine Tasting Evening at Sokolowski's University Inn 16 October 2008

Every so often they will the good people at Sokolowski's University Inn in Tremont dress the place up for a special event. Last Thursday they had their first ever wine tasting, and by the reaction of the sold out crowd it was quite the success.
Eighty-five food and wine enthusiasts were treated to a five-course affair, each one featuring one of the Inn's signature dishes with a wine furnished by Heidelburg Distributors. Perogies were paired with a Pinot Noir, stuff cabbage with a Malbec Select, and Grilled Flank Steak with a Cabernet Sauvignon.
The affair was hosted by Dr. Dave Rogers, aka as "the Wine Snob," who did a great job giving the background of each wine presented, the health benefits of a glass a wine a day, and the economics of being a wise wine consumer.
The food was outstanding, the wines were very good, and the company was friendly. The evening was capped off by a dessert buffet featuring University Inn's outstanding rice pudding along with an assortment of Polish pastries called kalachis.
It was a great job by the Sokolowski's and their staff at the University Inn and the people from Heidelburg Distributors. And on top of it, for the $50 ticket price it was a bargain of an evening. For more information on Sokoloski's University Inn including upcoming special events go to www.sokolowskis.com.

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