Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 June Canyonlands/Arches National Parks

Today we hit two national parks near Moab, Utah.
Bob's notes on Day 4: After morning maintenance and breakfast we took off for Canyonlands NP north and west of Moab. The road (313) rises to 6000 ft and onto the Island in the Sky. Everywhere the traveler is surrounded by unsurpassed views of the distant canyons. What you see are canyons inside of canyons, inside of canyons and distant mesas. Finally the United States government got it right ……. If you want to be stupid around the edges no one is there to catch your 1500 ft plunge with the sudden stop at the bottom. It is like driving a car without airbags and seatbelts. If whoever named the Grand Canyon saw this site first they would have found another name for the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River has been a "Work-aholic" for millenniums, carving out awe-inspiring beauty. Greg, Tom and Bob have been earning merit badges by taking hot, dusty hikes and for capturing an Ansel Adams digital moment. Each park is surprisingly not crowded and every inch traveled brings you to a better view of the picture you just took. Arches NP is literally across highway 191. It turns out to be Garden of the Gods (Colorado Springs) times 1,000,000. We gazed upon Landscape, Delicate, Double and Windows Arches always the La Sal Mountains in the background. In 1991 Royce Morrison photographed a piece on the largest arch collapsing. The monoliths are impressive and they are named for places like Park Ave. In Devils Garden we were warned about Mountain Lions. Dignity and laundry waited for us back in Moab. Tonight you can find us at The Rivers and Woody's, Tom and Greg are members. Word out to Skip. Lets have our 40th reunion here. See you tomorrow.

Hey one and all……the doctor of dogtown writing from Moab…..tourist trap of eastern Utah….but there are bars here!!!!!! Great day…..hot…..but we had a wonderful trip through Canyonlands and Arches…..I am forever amazed at the panoramic scenery we have experienced……the shear majesty. Ever step we take traces millions of years of Earth's evolution--growth and erosion. Well, for now, we close this short bio……take care, God Bless. Tom….ps…..instead of packing up the Vista Cruiser with the kids and jaunting off to Micky Mouse land or the beach……try this area……it will re-juvinate the heart…….Salaam ala meine.

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