Thursday, June 19, 2008

19 June Lake Powell/Page, Arizona

We are at Lake Powell and it is hot! However, we broke our disciplined routine and went beveraging in the afternoon, you need to replenish the liquids in this hot climate.
We have traveled ungodly number of miles……looking at some of the most unbelievable natural monuments of God's greatest works and testaments to Earth's ongoing evolution. Today, I was awed by one of man's greatest engineering feats…..Glen Canyon Dam…..not one of the wonders of the world, but magnificent in it's contruct. Today is a relaxing day……touring the dam, swimming in hillbilly heaven and prepping for happy hour with stosh and bob…..what a great trip. Well, until tomorrow……enjoy and never take this thing we call life for granted……Tomaz

Bob's comments on Day 6: We arrived in Page Arizona Wednesday night, found dignity at the Quality Inn , headed for the Dam Bar, home of real beer. We watched as the Lakers shut down early in game 6 to the Celtics and I have never seen Greg so upset. In the morning once we had applied our makeup it was off to Glen Canyon Dam. This 710 ft high by 300 ft wide concrete wonder holds back the Green, San Juan and Colorado Rivers. Started in 1956 it created a water paradise to serve and entertain millions. We made the tour and our guide was Duane who worked the dam as an electrical engineer for 40 years and now retired. We descended an elevator into the belly of the beast and gazed upon the 8 generators spinning their magic for the electrically challenged. At the base is a grass lawn the size of 3 football fields. Before we could leave Tom insisted on going to the Dam gift shop to buy a Dam postcard while Greg went to the Dam bathroom and Bob left to get another Dam picture. A park ranger actually had a telescope set up for visitors to peak at the sun. It was red in color and I believe on fire. The tour will be a trip highlight. We checked out the Wahweap resort and marina. You can see many very large houseboats. We drove to Lone Rock Beach which we renamed 'Red Neck Beach'. Every inch of land was occupied by trailers, RVs, campers, dog pens, Seadoos, anchors, sand, rocks, grills, campfires, coolers, country music, Kenny Chesney, Dolly Parton and Merle Haggard. The water was chilly but refreshing. We finished the afternoon off at the Wahweap Resort Saloon and watched the European Cup Soccer match of Germany vs Portugal. Tom met a couple from Cameroon and he mentioned that in August he was moving to Egypt. The guy said WHY? Greg is currently charging his batteries and when he wakes up we will go to another Dam Bar. As explorer John Wesley Powell said in 1869….when will this Dam journey end?

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