Sunday, June 22, 2008

21 June Grand Canyon/Las Vegas

Yesterday was a rough one starting with the long drive to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead, and ending with a wild drive back from the strip to our hotel and Tom taking off for St. Louis.
Bob's comments on Day 8: An update from last evening in Hurricane, Utah…. We went to the F.O.E (Eagles) even Rodney Dangerfield would recognize their membership as a rough crowd. A very tanked lady said I looked like a stockbroker from NY. Tom, standing there said that I was so there after she kept asking for investing tips. I told her to buy low and sell high. Good advice for us all. The entertainment was setting up while we sat at a table. The band was called "Most Wanted" and by their look there is no reason to doubt it. We headed to Ted and Allen's Sports Grille. In conversation with Dennis, the manager, he said he knew Bruce Meade (big time softballer from Bradenton) because they had played on the same team. Just another small world story. We were on the road by 7:30 headed for Vegas with our first stop being the Hoover Dam, an impressive monument to American engineering. It is a massive tourist traffic jam with tons of sightseers, lots of security, and impressive views. It was neat to see a bridge in the process of construction. It is to be complete in 2010 and will take cars off of the road over the dam. On the drive back to Vegas we took pictures of a small herd of Big Horn sheep along the busy roadside munching on manicured, housing development, grass (see picture). We went to Hooters where it all began on the 13th. We consumed the usual fare and watched Russia take the Netherlands in OT 3-1. Tom never agrees with the officiating, and Greg and I don't care. Stosh brought us Motel 6 dignity and we headed down the strip for some Sodom and Gomorrah (especially after 8 days of Eden). We ran into Jeff Womaldorff (Southeast grad and one time soccer coach) and his wife. We went into O'Shea's, and sat down at a roulette table. Greg started with $25 and walked away with $150. I started with $20 and won $87. Tom had his white collar on and preached to us the evils of betting. We headed to Fitzgerald's Casino where Tom knew of a great steakhouse. We had our last supper and Tom took us back to the hotel and left for the Airport. It is Sunday and we are going to check into Hooters for tonight and tour today more of the strip.

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